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About Gina
I discovered the tremendous healing power of a macrobiotic diet based on organic whole foods after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2003. I knew it was time to make a change.  I had ignored signals from my body for too long.  Intuitively I felt my diet and lifestyle had contributed to my illness. It was time to take charge of my health and look after Number One, Me!
I had heard about macrobiotics and decided to learn more about it.  I started the macrobiotic diet to help myself heal.  What a difference eating wholesome foods made. When my company re-structured at the end of 2004, I took advantage of the opportunity to make a career change from my fast-paced corporate life in NYC in the fashion and beauty industry.  I immersed myself in studying the wholistic macrobiotic approach to diet and lifestyle, which incorporates traditional wisdom and longevity practices of traditional cultures around the world and the Eastern philosophy of energy balance within ourselves and our environment.  Macrobiotics helped me understand the connection between diet and lifestyle and what causes disease.  After taking numerous workshops, I decided to pursue further studies and finished the year taking the intensive career training program at the world-renown Kushi Institute in the Berkshires, the head macrobiotic center in the U.S. and became a certified Macrobiotic Instructor.  
By eating a balanced macrobiotic diet, I feel the healthiest that I have ever been, am cancer-free and no longer need my hypertension medication (for which I was diagnosed prior to the breast cancer, another one of those body signals that I chose to ignore!), I’ve dramatically lowered my cholesterol and have managed to lose 50 pounds in the process and maintain my weight loss, a first ever!  My passion is sharing with others the knowledge that I have gained of the wonderful, natural healing power of organic whole foods which are so integral to my daily life and my personal healing journey.  I am committed to helping you help yourself achieve your optimum health, to feel the best that you can feel.  I say this with all my sincerity because following this lifestyle has given me life and working with you is my way of giving back to this wonderful universe.