The Organic Coach™
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Whole Foods For Healthy Living
How Good Are You Really Feeling?
Do you …
•    Rely on coffee to keep you going?
•    Have high cholesterol?
•    Want to lose weight?
•    Have any sugar cravings?
•    Have Trouble sleeping?
•    Suffer from aches, pains or headaches?
•    Suffer from Diabetes? Or Hypertension? Or Hypoglycemia?
•    Suffer from any Women’s or Men’s Health issues?
•    Have digestive issues?
•    Have any allergies?
•    Just want more energy and want to feel better?
Did You Know That.....
•    Your blood’s pH is slightly alkaline?
•     A diet high in sugar, dairy, meats and poor quality fats can lead to an acidic blood condition?
•    An acidic blood condition can weaken your immune system, lead to disease and all sorts of health problems?
•    Eating organic whole foods prepared properly and eaten in a balanced way can alkalize your blood?
•    Eating organic whole foods can help your body detoxify because your body no longer has to work so hard at filtering and processing all the hidden chemicals, preservatives, hormones and other artificial and synthetic ingredients in refined, processed and fast foods?
How Much Do You Know About
•    Nature’s super foods?
•    How specific whole foods can nourish specific organs and health conditions?

•    How to eat to help disease prevention ?
•    How to eat to maximize your health and vitality  ?