The Organic Coach™
Think Wholistically, Live Organically™

Whole Foods For Healthy Living
Some Things I Can Do For You

•    Review your current eating and lifestyle habits to help you transition to healthier eating and living tailored to your specific needs
•    Give you a private health foods store tour so you know what to look out for … what’s good to buy or not and why
•    Help “edit” and organize your kitchen to set you up with healthier whole foods choices
•    Give you private whole foods cooking instruction and education on traditional cooking techniques and food preparation in the comfort or your own home
•    Cook for you if you don’t have time
•    Help you with menu-planning and knowing what foods to choose when dining out, traveling or on the go
•    Help you understand how your food choices have affected your health
•    Give you simple lifestyle suggestions which will help you feel better
•    Work with you on a schedule that fits yours to coach you every step along the way to help you keep on track to achieve your health goals
•    Be available to you by phone and email to answer any questions you might have
Call me and let’s get started on helping you achieve your optimum health!
Let me individually customize a program to teach you the proper selection, preparation and use of organic whole foods for your specific condition and health concern, based on macrobiotic principles incorporating traditional wisdom and the Eastern philosophy of the principles of balance and energy flow within our bodies and all of nature
It’s your health, not a luxury!